Our Staff

The road to taking care of people began when Charles was playing semi pro American Football in Europe. He played and coached there for 5 years where he was exposed to the Physiotherapist that took care of the team.

He returned to the United States and enrolled at EWU. Charles Gallagher graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BS degree in Human Biology and then proceeded to Chicago University Medical School to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

After graduation he began working in the great state of Wyoming and did some traveling therapy, until his home state of Washington pulled him back to the Pacific Northwest.

The Institute for Physical and Sports Therapy came into fruition thanks to Gold’s Gym, where it all began. The South hill Gold’s offered him space to set up a small practice. Gold’s was lucky enough to have Charles open his office there. In a room the size of a closet (10×8 ft), enough room fro one exam table, the dream of owning his own clinic started to blossom. That was over 18 years ago. The progression continued as Gold’s Gym offered him space in the new North location. This space was a little bigger, enough room for two exam tables, which quickly grew to three table’s squeezed into a two-table space.

After two years in that ever shrinking space the Institute for Physical and Sports Therapy moved next door to Gold’s. This space was significantly larger 1400 sq. feet. A little over ten years of numerous attempts to own their own building the Institute for Physical and Sports therapy finally achieved that goal as well. They have been in this location now for two years and is continuing to grow.

Meet Our Team

  • Charles Gallagher
    Charles Gallagher
    Having been a professional athlete and now a Physical Therapist has allowed him to experience the ...
  • Julie Gallagher
    Julie Gallagher
    I have a master’s degree in Special Education and I taught for 9 years in the ...