Personal Performance Q6

For over 15 yrs ago Charles was ask to be a guest speaker fro Debra Wild, etc and being far ahead of the curve he was showing people how to do exercises that are now the staple exercise of gyms around the world, pressers to P90 x cross fit and other body weight training programs.  The following pictures were taken from NBC’s, KHQ Channel 6’s, and The Debra Wilde’s show “Circle of Friends”. They were developed to help you exercise without equipment using items found in your home. This is only the beginning of a series of exercises. Keep watching for more in the near future.

These exercises will help you make a positive move towards beginning a new exercise program, and if you are already involved in an exercise program this will give you a new twist.

All exercises are dynamic in nature and are designed to give you a well rounded exercise experience.  They all focus on  balance, flexibility and coordination.  Which in turn will lead to a stronger and healthier body and mind.

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