By Charles Gallagher


Thermastat™ is a hollow-core thermally efficient lightweight fiber that provides the optimum level of warmth and comfort throughout a range of temperatures and activity levels without adding layers of clothing. Thermastat™ also moves moisture, keeping athletes dry and comfortable.


Function: Thermal warmth

ThermaxCM is an insulating material featuring DuPont® hollow-core fiber technology. ThermaxCM traps air next to the body while wicking away moisture to the surface for quick evaporation.


Function: Moisture management

CoolMax is industry-proven as the superior moisture-transport fiber. It is a four-channel fiber which wicks moisture away from skin. The grooved exterior creates 20% more surface area than ordinary fibers for quick drying, maximizing the efficiency of the body’s natural cooling system. CoolMax® fibers are hydrophobic (water-hating), retaining eight times less moisture than nylon and fourteen times less moisture than cotton.


A fabric from W.L. Gore which is extremely breathable, windproof, and water-resistant. By allowing perspiration vapor to escape rapidly, Activent™ fabric helps you stay drier longer inside you’re layering system, and therefore stay more comfortable. The result: you can maintain peak performance levels over longer periods of time.


Function: Moisture management

Power Dry’s BiPolar construction keeps you dry and comfortable with two unique surfaces: a soft inner layer which rapidly wicks perspiration away from the body, while the durable outer layer spreads moisture for maximum evaporation.