Brenda’s Fitness Journal

Hit Fit 509 member Brenda takes us on her fitness journal by detailing her experiences below.

March 6 – 12

Was so glad for Monday to come around and being able to get back into the gym. Was a little worried that I would start hurting again, but it would be worth it! Started out pretty good, but took it a little easy at first. However, by Saturday morning I was glad to get working hard again and we were introduced into boxing! I have found that I really enjoy this kind of workout. I like the ball slams and the rope slams, it really helps the bad day’s at work and frustration levels.

March 1 -5

This week started out great but ended on a not so good note. The flu struck and I was out of the gym for 4 days this week. So much for trying to reach my goal of working out 6 days a week! My goals this month is the make it to the gym at least 5 times but shoot for 6 days, keep working on adding more weight and working on my jumping abilities.

Feb 21 – 27

I have been averaging 5 days a week working out in a class. I have come to enjoy and need to spend time there for not just my physical health but my mental health as well. This has taken a place in my life where smoking once did, stressed out or have a tough day at work just hit the gym and I come home in such a better place. Since this has been the three week mark since I weighed in it was time to do so again. Now I know that I am working hard to gain muscle and the true tale tale sign that what I am doing is working is the way my body is changing and the way my clothes are fitting it is not necessarily measured by the number on a scale. Beside the fact that muscle weighs more then fat … And even knowing all of this, I was disappointed when I had gained a few pounds. So we went over some diet changes …. Ugh! But hey, I can do this! This month I have seen improvements in areas that I once had trouble with. “Walking” up and down the ladder is tough but I am getting better at it, doing push ups with the half bouncey ball thing is getting easier, standing up on the bike is a work in progress, rowing a mile is a milestone that has been achieved. Using the heavy ropes no longer pull me off my feet and adding additional weight has been added to my workouts.

Every month is a great adventure and every month is an opportunity to improve!

Feb 14 – 20

I am not sure when I actually noticed the pain was no longer a part of my morning after workouts but it is gone. I kind of miss the pain, it told me that I was working out hard but it was worth it. So I guess I need to come up with not just one but two small goals. Out hiking in another direction this weekend led me to hike in areas with uneven ground, up hills, through streams, over trees stumps and massive cow pies! We saw white tail, mule deer, turkeys, and the best of all were the wild rams! We hiked over 5 miles and saw some great and beautiful countryside!

Feb 7 – 13

Note to self, do not tell your trainer what you want to work on or what is to easy! The workout kicked my rear end but it was a great workout! My abs are gonna hurt for a long long time from this one. I have added a day on the bike and row machine in addition to the three classes I already take. I think I like the classes better, I am finding out that I don’t push myself nearly as hard as I do in a class on the bike and row machine. So I guess I can say I accomplished my small goal 3! This week I was out doing some exploring and I was excited by the things I was able to do! We hiked up a steep hill in snow onto a little ridge and up another steep hill into 3 feet of snow! I did this with little effort thanks to all those squats I have been doing and climbing up the ridge using a bear crawl made me so glad that I have been working out! I didn’t drop a lung, no huffing and puffing, no sweating like a stuck pig just up the hill! The best part was coming back down, my knees didn’t kill me at all! I am so glad that I started on this journey.

Feb 1 – 6

This week I have officially signed up for one year! Weighed in, did BMI, heart rate and “exercise test” where I do this again and see how far I have come! I am really excited about this … Still working out just three days, but I am wanting to start a little more, work a little harder, push a little farther, I know I can do this. There are plenty of areas I can improve in but I think I will start with small goals and work my way up. Small goal 1 – Not hurt after every work out any more! Small goal 2 – Start with some heavier weights, some of these are now starting to be to easy and if I want to go further then I need to push myself. Small goal 3 – Add additional days to my workout schedule.



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